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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fifth Third Bank employee in Michigan accused of embezzling $950,000 over five years

Federal prosecutors say a Fifth Third Bank employee stole $950,000 over five years from the bank's Rockford branch in a scheme that started by simply taking cash from the vault.

Prosecutors Tuesday filed criminal allegations against Amanda Renee Burns, charging that she embezzled the funds as a bank officer.
The federal report alleges Burns in March 2004 began removing cash from Fifth Third's vault at the Rockford branch and "used the money for personal benefit."
"She continued to remove cash in varying amounts from that time until Fifth Third learned of the scheme in May 2009," the report said.
Prosecutors also allege that Burns, to further the embezzlement scheme, falsified bank records and manipulated audits on multiple occasions.
Today's federal filing also seeks a forfeiture of property to get reimbursement for the lost funds.

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