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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Racine, Wisconsin man charged with withdrawing from wrong account, going back for $800 more

A Racine man withdrew $70 from somebody else's account, one number off from his, and returned twice for more money, police said.

He now faces up to 19 years in prison.
Jeff Solis, 27, 206 15th St., was charged with two counts of personal identity theft for financial gain and two counts of fraud against financial institution, according to a criminal complaint. He was given a $3,000 signature bond Tuesday.
The victim reported to Mount Pleasant police on Jan. 8 that unbeknownst to him, a total of $870 in three separate cash withdrawals had been made from his primary savings account at the Educators Credit Union, 1400 N. Newman Road, on Dec. 31.
His account transactions reportedly showed an initial $70 withdrawal at 10:23 a.m., followed by another withdrawal of $500 within minutes and an additional $300 withdrawal almost 20 minutes later.
The initial withdrawal was due to a transposed number, the complaint said. An ECU security officer told police she suspected Solis realized the funds were withdrawn from the wrong account before he returned to make additional withdrawals.
Investigators reportedly identified Solis as the one who made the transactions based on the suspect's photo and driver's license provided by the credit union.
Solis later returned to ECU to make a transaction on his account but left after he was told his account had been frozen until he talked with a security officer, according to the complaint.
In general, anyone making a withdrawal is required to show a valid form of identification, usually a driver's license, said Jim Henderson, ECU senior vice president. Sometimes, he said, tellers may recognize the members and will go ahead and make the transactions without requiring IDs.
If members have security concerns, Henderson noted they can put passwords on their accounts as an additional security check before authorizing withdrawals.
"We take great security lengths to make sure our members' dollars are protected," he said, adding he had not heard of such an incident occurring before.
ECU officials declined to provide additional details regarding the allegations.
If convicted of the four felony counts, Solis faces up to 19 years imprisonment and/or fines up to $40,000

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