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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nevada bank embezzler gets probation

A Gardnerville woman who used her position at a bank to take $2,100 from a woman's account, received probation on Monday.

Danielle M. Stafford, 28, received a suspended 12-30-month prison sentence, after Judge Michael Gibbons determined that her crime of attempted embezzlement would be treated as a felony.
He told Stafford that she could apply to the court to have the charge reduced down to a gross misdemeanor if she successfully completed two years probation.
“This was premeditated theft from an individual using her ability at the bank,” Gibbons said. “The recommendation is way too lenient.”
Prosecutor Erik Levin recommended a 12-month suspended sentence, while defense attorney Kris Brown and the Nevada Department of Parole and Probation recommended a six-month suspended sentence.
Working in Stafford's favor is that she repaid the money before the bank filed charges.
Levin said he has never had someone do that before, and had to figure out how to handle the money.
Gibbons agreed that the incident appeared to be an aberration in Stafford's behavior.
She had no criminal record, according to Brown.

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