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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oklahoma Bank Teller Charged With Pocketing Cash From Customers


An Oklahoma City bank teller is charged with embezzlement after police say she pocketed customers' cash deposit by filling out fraudulent deposit slips.

According to police, 23-year-old Nicole Kemp, a bank teller at the Oklahoma Fidelity Bank, had conducted 14 fraudulent cash deposit transactions.

Investigators say Kemp would alter the amount of cash deposit after the customers had left by filling out a new deposit slip with lower amount of cash, and alter the deposit total in the bank's computer to show the lower deposit amount, in order to cover up the theft.

Police say Kemp would then pocket the customer's cash.

On May 7, a customer with the Victory Bible Baptist Church went to Kemp to deposit $1,305, including $229 in cash, and $1,076 in checks. However, he later noticed on his bank statement that the amount of cash deposited into his account only showed $69.

The customer then contacted the bank and authorities conducted investigations into the incident. It turns out the bank teller, Kemp, had filled out a new deposit slip for only $69 after the customer had left, and changed the amount in the bank's computer to show only $69.

The bank provided police with security video and copies of checks and deposit slips.

Kemp is now charged with unauthorized use of a computer network for the purpose of obtaining money and other things of value, by use of a false or fraudulent presentation.

The total loss to the Oklahoma Fidelity Bank was $1,084, according to police.

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