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Monday, September 16, 2013

Former Wiggins bank teller admits embezzling more than $200K in Mississippi

 The former lead teller of the Bank of Wiggins has admitted embezzling more than $200,000.
Veronica Morse, 38, pleaded guilty Monday before Judge Larry Bourgeois in Stone County Circuit Court.
Bourgeois ordered Morse returned to jail pending sentencing on Thursday.
Bank employees began noticing suspicious activity in late 2012. They found Morse had created tickets for fictitious cash transactions and entered the transactions in the bank's computer system so the books appeared to be balanced, Smith said.
A bank audit showed Morse took thousands of dollars in several transactions over 1- 1/2 years.
Morse was arrested in December.
Smith said several bank employees attended her plea hearing and told the court the effect her actions had on them personally and professionally. Some of them wept as they talked about how Morse had betrayed their trust.

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