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Sunday, February 2, 2014

3 friends indicted for $87,000 bank fraud in Indiana

According to federal court documents, 24-year-old Courtney Crusoe found an easy way to get money to her friends.
Crusoe was employed at a Wells Fargo bank in Fort Wayne, according to federal court documents.
While she worked there as a personal banker, she added two other people secretly to the bank accounts of Wells Fargo customers, allowing them access to those accounts.
Crusoe, Deandre Banks, 23; and Marcel Banks, 26, are all named in a five-count federal indictment accusing them of bank fraud and other charges.
A federal grand jury meeting in Fort Wayne handed down the indictment last week, but the case was not unsealed until Tuesday.
From July to August of last year, according to court documents, Crusoe and Banks took $87,000 from the Wells Fargo bank through the scheme.
Crusoe is charged with bank fraud, bank embezzlement and money laundering. Both Deandre Banks and Marcel Banks are charged with bank fraud and money laundering.
Either as secondary account owners, or through Crusoe herself, the three ended up with withdrawals or cashiers’ checks from different accounts. That money was then deposited into a Chase Bank account owned by Deandre Banks and the money was then withdrawn and transferred to another account owned by Marcel Banks, according to court documents.
According to court documents, the federal government seeks the return of the $87,000 or any property bought with it.

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