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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Falling Waters, West Virginia man accused of embezzling money

A 22-year-old Falling Waters, W.Va., man is accused of embezzling $5,500 from a woman’s bank account while he worked as a teller at the Inwood, W.Va., branch of BB&T, according to court records.
Cody Allen Seibert, of 35 Galbus Court, was arraigned Wednesday on one felony count of embezzlement by Berkeley County Magistrate Sandra L. Miller, according to court records. Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael St. Clair found the defendant used the woman’s money he took June 30 to buy a 1998 Kawasaki motorcycle for $3,400 and a laptop computer from Best Buy, according to court records.Seibert’s girlfriend told police that Seibert was making $500 payments on the motorcycle and that the laptop was from a friend, according to court records. His girlfriend, however, told police that she later found a receipt indicating that the laptop was actually purchased at Best Buy, according to court records. Kelly Lupis, a bank fraud investigator for BB&T, told police that Seibert changed his story about how he handled a supposed request by the victim to withdraw $5,500 from her account, according to court records. Lupis indicated the transaction, as Seibert explained it, would have been nearly impossible to complete in less than two minutes and between two other transactions, according to court records. Seibert also would not have had enough $100 bills in his drawer to complete the transaction as he had claimed and would have had to use $20 bills, Lupis told police, according to court records. The motorcycle owner told police that Seibert paid him for the bike with $20 bills, according to court records. Seibert is no longer employed by BB&T.

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