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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Former Greenwood, South Carolina Bank Manager Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

A woman from Ninety-Six pled guilty in Federal Court to embezzling bank funds for over a year.

United States Attorney Bill Nettles said that 31-year old Kristen Miles Anderson pled guilty to embezzling bank funds and will be sentenced at a later date.

In a prepared statement, Nettles stated that evidence presented at the change of plea hearing established that Anderson, who was the branch manager of a Sun Trust bank in Greenwood, began taking money from her cash drawer beginning in or about October 2008 to pay personal expenses. According to the release, Nettles said Anderson changed her nightly cash figures to "force balance" and avoid detection. When she expected internal audits, Anderson forged withdrawl slips and took money from customer's accounts and stole in excess of $90,000 until bank officials and United States Secret Service agents discovered the wrongdoing in December 2009.

United States Secret Service agents revealed bank documents and interviewed Anderson. Nettles said Anderson waived her Miranda Rights and confessed to taking money from the cash drawer and stealing money from customer's accounts.

Anderson faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and or a $1,000,000 fine.

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