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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lake County bank employee charged with stealing money, identities of elderly and dead customers in Florida

A Lake County woman who worked at a credit union and a bank stole money from both financial institutions and elderly customers, according to an indictment that estimates she embezzled more than $400,000.Nazreen Mohammed, 47, faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of bank fraud or embezzlement.She worked at as a loan officer at Fairwinds Credit Union in 2009 where she used her status as an employee to access customer accounts, creating loans and making withdrawals from customers, many of whom were elderly or dead.Authorities said Mohammed tried to disguise her schemes with multiple transactions.The federal indictment alleges that Mohammed tried to steal $127,000 from the credit union and its customers and more than $300,000 from customers of a Lake County branch of the Royal Bank of Canada.She tapped account information of some of that bank's elderly customers, too. The indictment said she used information from the accounts to make unauthorized withdrawals and change account beneficiary designations.

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